An article explaining The Creation in terms which reconcile the scientific and biblical accounts, the logical limitations of both Science and Religion in dealing with this issue, and reveals the coming catastrophes in the Universe.

By Cristo Rey

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What is the Creation? When will the Creation end?

      The purpose of this article is to attempt to answer these questions by a consideration of the philosophical, scientific, biblical, and traditional views on this subject. The presentation will begin with a Prologue to present the logical limitations of both Science and Religion in dealing with this issue, followed by a possible reconciliation between their findings to arrive at a First Approximation to the ultimate and unavoidable Truths and Knowledge about this subject.


      Both Science and Religion lack the proper logical tools to successfully deal with the totality of knowledge concerning the Creation. Each of these fields resorts to "Abstract" (Science) or "Spiritual" (Religion) explanations for what they cannot elucidate with their common or specialized logic. Science will always claim that "Science is not concerned with the 'why' but with the 'how' of whatever occurs in existence," as a cop-out to not being able to elucidate the reason why anything exists at all. Religion will always claim that "Ours is not to know," as a cop-out to not being able to reconcile the physical evidence in existence to what the Word of God in the Bible says about the Creation.

      The reality is that both are deficient in the proper logical tools to reach even a First Approximation to the Truths and Knowledge about the Creation.

The main deficiencies in Science are:

1. Its inability to deal with the obvious existence of "Consciousness" in us and in the Creator of the Universe (i.e. God). Some scientific fields of study (psychology, behaviorism, psychiatry) assume the existence of Consciousness in us but have no explanation for its existence. No field of Science tackles the obvious and self-evident phenomena of Consciousness in the Creator of the Universe (i.e. God).

2. Its reliance on Mathematics, a most limited and cumbersome tool, which will require millions of years to help us in achieving a First Approximation to the Truths and Knowledge about the Creation. The main deficiency in Mathematics is that in the Reality of the Universe the only number in undeniable existence is the number "1," and the non-quantity "0." We can readily perceive this by looking around us for the "2-apple" or the "5-apple," there are no such things, but rather 2 or 5 "1-apples" resting side by side. What this means is that all numbers above "1" are imaginary, non-existent inventions of the mind of Man. The only thing that really exists in the Universe is the Eternal "One." The use of imaginary and non-real numbers leads to all kinds of bizarre findings, and only by luck alone the bizarre jargon generated will coincide with some Truths about the Reality of the Universe. The mountains of numbers that did not work out are either ignored and hidden away, or end up in the mountains of paper at the City Dump (National Public Radio: Einstein's Lost Theory Discovered ... And It's Wrong).

Current scientific thinking points in the direction that Humanity today lacks the necessary mental resources to uncover the unique "Theory of Everything," or a reasoned and mathematical explanation for the why or how everything exists (the Universe, Life, and Humanity):

"Humans might think we can figure out the ultimate mysteries,
but there is no reason to believe that we have
all the pieces necessary for a theory of everything."
(The New York Times: Science: Beyond Energy, Matter, Time and Space)

3. Its obstinate intentions to reduce the Truths about the Universe to "mechanistic" phenomena, ignoring the self-evident proof that the Creator of the Universe had to be "opportunistic" not "mechanistic" in His approach to the Creation. The Universe is littered with the undeniable evidence of the many violations of "Mechanistic Laws" which The Creator had to engage in to be able to achieve the Creation of everything that exists today. Science has to accept this undeniable and unavoidable evidence, and not just create a "new" field of study to deal with these obvious violations.

      Although not a complete list of its deficiencies, one can appreciate that Science is indeed a very cumbersome logical system to give us a First Approximation to the Truths and Knowledge about the Creation. It will probably require more than one Eternity for Science to achieve a First Approximation to the Truths and Knowledge about the Creation. Most of the achievements of Science have been out of sheer "luck," and many have been by mere "discovery" and not by the use of Mathematics.

      The little knowledge Mankind has generated with the use of Science has turned into the proverbial "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing," the dangerous "thing" being its daughter, "Technology," or applied Science. More human beings are being killed by Technology than are being "saved" by it, but no one is keeping an honest and objective accounting.

      As an example, more human beings are killed every year as a result of the complicated production, transportation, distribution, installation, use, and disposal of "smoke detectors" for homes and businesses than are "saved" by the having of them . . . but nobody bothers to do an honest and objective accounting. The same goes for all of the "Wonders" of Medicine and Pharmaceuticals.

      But Religion does not fare any better in these regards . . .

The main deficiencies in Religion are:

1. Its obstinate reliance on a supposed "secrecy" on the part of God as the Creator, to avoid tackling the very Truths about the Creation. Religion also assumes a dictatorial and Satanic role in repressing dissent from its views, and even today killing of those who dare question its misguided interpretations of the Word of God in the Bible, something that at least Science does not rely on. God does not kill those who don't believe in Him or in His Word!!! God is not a Destroyer but a Creator, and Religion under the cloak of a self-invented "Mission of Defense of the Faith" has already repressed, discredited, banished, tortured, and killed more people than Technology itself could ever kill. This reptilian and Satanic posturing has totally discredited Religion in the arena of intellectual inquiry, and has delayed the development of Mankind (intellectual and spiritual growth) more than have all of the deficiencies of Science. It will probably require more than a million Eternities for Religion to achieve a First Approximation to the Truths and Knowledge about the Creation.

The worst damage Religion has caused has been to create a very deep, unconscious fear and mistrust of God in all of Humanity, and as a consequence it has earned for itself the very Enmity of the Living God. It was indeed this same Religious Satanic misguidedness which caused the destruction of Jesus the Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, and which will threaten the destruction of His Christ in His Second Advent as the Son of Man. As a result God will utterly destroy all Religion in Humanity without Mercy or Pity. Compared to Science, Religion has done more harm to Humanity than it has done "good." Religion has in reality been serving a surreal god of its own invention, the mythical so-called "Devil," and not God.

2. Its obstinate reliance on a mythical, magical, surreal system of fantastic beings (angels, ghosts, spirits), "miracles," and of a "God" that interferes directly in the affairs of the Universe and of Humanity, capriciously or in response to "prayers." As in the Wonderland of Alice, the God envisioned by Religion can create "something out of nothing," and can do just about anything fantastic that any minister or preacher can conjure up. Most "Christian" Religious cults today are circuses worthy of a Disneyland. At least Science is cold toward God, but all of the current "Christian" Religion is lukewarm toward the Living God, and we know what God has said about the "lukewarm."

"So then because thou art lukewarm,
and neither cold nor hot,
I will spue thee out of my mouth." (Rv 3:16)

God's hope for a New Humanity lies with individual "Christians," not with any of the current "Leadership" of the so-called "Christian" Religions . . .

3. Its obstinate renouncements of all Reality. Unable to understand the Reality of God and of His Son, The Christ, the present "Christian" Religion cornered itself into a rejection of all Reality. This because they were deprived of His Son's presence to correct them in their misunderstandings of His written Word (The Gospels). For the most part, and although vehemently denied, most of the current "Christian" Religions created out of the Protestant Reformation were led by men who were priests of the Catholic Church, and had already been profoundly influenced by that Church's philosophical rejection of logically discovered Reality and Truth (e.g. the Trial of Galileo). The philosophy consisted of a schizoid system of belief, which while maintaining that God had created all Physical Reality He nevertheless required us to reject it. The prevailing logic was that God had gone through a great deal of trouble to create a Physical World and Universe for us to deny ourselves, and to reject and denounce!!! in the fashion of most Eastern Religions in the poorest, and economically-depressed regions of the Earth.

It would take a very perverse and sadistic "god" to create a very solid Reality that we were supposed to eternally deny ourselves and psychotically reject during this existence, and for Him to derive great pleasure at seeing us fail continually in this challenge . . .

The Catholic Church's hierarchy above the level of priests and nuns gave themselves handsomely of the most luxurious comforts of the same Reality it demanded its adherents to deprive themselves of in self-denial (the Pope has expensive jewelry, robes, and a solid-gold phone, not a plastic one). In order to reinforce this self-serving bizarre philosophy, the Church had to inculcate in its adherents a mistrust of Science and of anything that demonstrated the solidity to the Reality of the Universe, in effect denying them a palpable, solid contact with the Living God and with His Christ.

All of the present-day Evangelical, Protestant, and Pentecostal Religions, the Catholic Church and its offshoot the Eastern Orthodox Church will be utterly destroyed by the Living God without Mercy or Pity . . .

      Although not a complete list of its deficiencies, one can appreciate that Religion totally lacks any logical system founded on the kind of Faith in Reality that Jesus the Christ advocated us to have, and which would help us achieve a First Approximation to the Truths and Knowledge about the Creation. Jesus the Christ advocated a blind Faith in the solidity and Reality of His existence and that of His Father, God, as exemplified by his discourse with the Apostle Thomas after His Resurrection, and facing Thomas' skepticism . . .

"Then saith he to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger,
and behold my hands; and reach hither thy hand,
and thrust it into my side:
and be not faithless, but believing." (Jn 20:27)


Thomas Disbelief

      The kind of verification method he advocated the Apostle Thomas to use is identical to the "Scientific Method," and runs counter to the teachings of the current "Christianity" . . .

      Jesus the Christ never performed any self-professed "miracles," and much of what He did although scientifically unresolved today, was physically possible and real, and not magical tricks. He never self-professedly "healed" anyone, and was very careful to repeatedly let those healed in His presence know that it was their faith (Mk 5:34) which had healed them, not Him. He allowed such events to happen, so as not to lose His audiences, as He was functioning in an Era when people expected magical displays to accompany the advancement of any new "religious" belief. These "healing" events were His starting point with his audiences, but He warned them repeatedly to consider Reality around them and not to expect "signs, magical or miraculous" happenings (Mt 12:39, Mk 8:12, Jn 4:48). Indeed, He warned about the appearance of "False Christs" during the End Times, who would use "signs" and "wonders" to attempt to deceive even the very elect (Mt 24:24, Mk 13:22).

What is the Creation?

      The Creation is the main subject in the books of Genesis and Revelation.

      "Creation" is the bringing into existence of everything that exists today, the Universe, the Earth, Life, and us . . .

      The Book of Genesis deals with the Original Creation of these entities, while the Book of Revelation deals with their Renewal or Reformation, a sort of re-Creation, not with their destruction as most "Christian" Leaders currently teach erroneously.

      Unfortunately, the information contained in the books of Genesis and Revelation is encoded or encrypted as a mixture of mythology, allegory, and real events. If these are taken to be a woven tapestry of signs and symbols, then their decoding must be internally consistent, the decoding must use definitions derived for them in the context of the tapestry itself, that is to say the signs and symbols contained within the tapestry are self-defining. Verification of the correct decoding of the signs and symbols must also be found in the other books of the Bible. Their interpretation must be correlated with current scientific knowledge derived by Astrophysics concerning the creation of the Universe. It is hoped that new and useful information might be gained by this approach.

      Encoding and encryption of Higher Knowledge or information was used during those times for three reasons. The first and most practical reason, because the writing material, i.e. papyrus, was in short supply. A second, more Sinister reason, involved the practice during the early appearance of writing to intentionally hide the information written from others, as a continuation of the secrecy early in Human History associated with acquired knowledge believed to be revealed by the gods, under the axiom that "knowledge is power," and if shared or allowed to leak out would give an advantage to existing foes. The third and last reason, involved encryption as a device to prevent the alteration of the knowledge upon its transcription (by Scribes) for wider distribution, or for its written preservation due to the unavoidable decay of the original copies (i.e. decay of the papyrus).

      The knowledge and information contained in these books was not developed just before it was set down in writing, approximately 3,600 years ago. Rather, it must have been developed over a very long period of time stretching back to the dawning of the appearance of truly Modern Man (approximately 200,000 years ago).

      Assuming an average of a 50-year lifespan for a Human generation during that time, and an overlap of 25 years with the previous and next generation, then every 25 years there was an opportunity for novel transgenerational additions and revisions to the knowledge and information, which was then ritualistically passed by word of mouth ("Oral Tradition") from one generation to the next. A conservative figure of approximately 7,856 generations must have contributed logical conclusions in the form of additions to, and revisions to the knowledge and information which was finally set down in writing 3,600 years ago!!!

      Contrasting this to the time elapsed since the Industrial Revolution started approximately in 1848, or 162 years ago, and allotting a generous average lifespan of 70-years per generation and 35 years of overlap, would yield us only 5 generations since then. Given in addition, that early Modern Man probably had a greater brain capacity (greater intelligence?) than Modern Man currently, it is possible that with mere observation and logic, 7,856 generations of learned men could have reached a considerable accuracy to their shared conclusions even by today's rigorous observational scientific standards.

      We know that during this time great accomplishments were reached in the development of making fire, invention of the wheel, improved technology of tools and weapons, agriculture, animal breeding, and mastery of metal working (Gold, Copper, and Iron). There is no need to invoke Space Aliens in the building of The Great Pyramids, and their building must be viewed as the most advanced accomplishment of a very experienced Stone Age culture with the sudden availability of Iron tools. As most knowledge was kept occult and hidden during these early stages of civilization, we have no way of knowing precisely how early (when) civilized man attained enough advanced and sophisticated knowledge of Engineering to build such amazing structures. The building of the Pyramids must be viewed as the highest accomplishment of a very experienced Stone Age culture (Egyptian) at the very Dawn of the Ages of Copper and Iron.

      We are now in a position to arrive at a First Approximation to the Truths and Knowledge about the Creation:

      The Book of Genesis states that in the beginning there was only God, and that He was a "Spirit" (Gn 1:2):

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

And the earth was without form, and void;
and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters
." (Gn 1:2)

      The Earth had not been formed yet, and so it was described as "without form." And "darkness was upon the face of the deep." The "deep" was the Nothingness which surrounded God. The absence of all Light, Energy, Matter, Space and Time is "Nothingness," or the "deep," and so-called because it was, and it probably is infinite in its extent. Were we to reach the outer "edge" of our present Universe, we would be "facing," or be face-to-face with the Nothingness ("the face of the deep"). As there is no Light in the Nothingness, it would look like a black concave (curved) "wall" stretching above, below, and to the sides of our position. Indeed, the "blackness" between the Stars we see in the night sky is our view from Earth of this "wall"!!!

      As there is no Matter there, there is no point of reference to measure "Space" in it, so there is no "Space" there; Also because Matter creates the space it occupies when it comes into existence. As there is no Space there, then there is no Time there which can be reckoned. As there is no Energy there, there would be nothing to detect.

      To be sure, the Nothingness is penetrable, and we could penetrate it without much effort. As we penetrate it, and because we are made-up of Matter, we would carry the Space we occupy, and whatever excess of it surrounds us, into it. Whatever Energy we radiate as heat will then move ahead of us into the Nothingness, and as Light from the Universe we are leaving behind reflects from us, it will be thrusted into the Nothingness around us. To be sure, we would be a single point of reference in the Nothingness, but along with other points of reference in the Universe we leave behind will create a measurable Space linking us with our Universe as a tether.

      By having penetrated the Nothingness we would in effect have distorted the "edge" of our Universe, and by the force of Attraction, other Light, Energy, Matter, Space and Time from our Universe would follow us. The "edge" of the Universe would no longer be a smooth, concave, curved wall, but in effect we would have created a finger-like projection of our Universe into the Nothingness. The consequences of this would be minimal, and eventually the finger-like projection would be absorbed by the advancing "front" of our Universe expanding into the Nothingness.

      The above account is only intended to demonstrate the characteristics of the Nothingness which originally surrounded God, and which surrounds our expanding Universe today. The "edge" of the Universe, i.e. the frontier with the Nothingness, is probably about 13.8 billion light years away from Earth by a consideration of the fact that the "front" of the Light traveling away from, and ahead of our expanding Universe is the actual boundary facing the Nothingness. This Light is probably the First Light created at the Big Bang which produced our Universe.

Big Bang

Big Bang

      The only way we could physically reach the "edge" of the Universe, and face the Nothingness, would be by traveling faster than Light, faster than the Light "front" created during the Big Bang and which is currently still searing into the Nothingness. However, current scientific thought states that nothing in the Universe can travel faster than Light.

"And the light shineth in darkness;
and the darkness comprehended it not
." (Jn 1:5)

      The above can be restated as "the Light sears (shineth) into the Nothingness (in darkness), and the Nothingness (the darkness) could not resist or impede its travel or movement (comprehended it not)."

      The Light from individual stars comes to us through tunnel-like "filaments" of Space, linking individual Galaxies with our own, all Galaxies occupying the "nodes" formed by the linkage of these "filaments." There are "pockets" of near-Nothingness between the "filaments," and it could be postulated that some of these pockets are almost pure "Nothingness." Were we to pierce the "wall" of a "filament" adjoining one of these last-mentioned "pockets," we would find all the Laws of Physics to be non-existent there, and could possibly travel across the pocket with ease at whatever speed (there being no "Space" there), to reach a point far in the Universe in a relatively short period of time (there being no "Time" there). The only unknown to calculate would be the "escape" velocity needed to free us from the reigning Force of "Gravity" within the starting-point "filament." Needless to say, we would also need to keep careful note of the route taken, to ensure our return. Only by getting close enough to a likely candidate among the many such pockets surrounding us can we ever hope to test these postulates.

      As to the question of what there is in the Nothingness, or "deep," way beyond the "edge" of the Universe, nobody knows, NOT EVEN GOD. Until and unless the advancing edge of our Universe meets up with something else, it will remain an unanswerable question.

      If whatever there is out there emits Light, then we would "see" or detect that Light first. If whatever there is out there does not emit Light but has Matter and Energy, then it must have "Space" and it would coalesce or fuse with our Universe in a gigantic collision, depending on its size and structure. The only other possibility is that it would not be structured on the basis of Light, Energy, Matter, Space, and Time as is our Universe, and then all bets are off as to what the results of its encounter with our Universe would be. For now, we must assume that there is just an infinite Nothingness out there.

      The reason we know that God does not know what is out there beyond the "edge" of our Universe is that when it comes to such Fundamental Questions, God simply does not know, and reveals to us, if "asked," that He does not know . . .

      When God revealed His identity to Moses on Mount Horeb (Sinai) (Ex 3:6) so Moses could inform the people of Israel in Egypt who had sent him, God only identified Himself as the God of the Patriarchs of the people of Israel. Incredulous, Moses pressed Him to be more specific by stating,

"Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel,
and shall say unto them,
The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you;
and they shall say to me, What is his name?
what shall I say unto them?" (Ex 3:13)

      To which God answered "I AM THAT I AM," (Ex 3:13-14) which more correctly should have a comma after the "that" to render it "I AM THAT, I AM." This because He was referring to His wish to be identified as "The God of your fathers." The error of the translators occurred because there were no punctuation marks in the original Hebrew.

      The relevant point is that "I AM" (Ex 3:14) is all God knows about His own identity and origins, that He is, and has always been, but does not know how He came to be. He is the only uncreated entity in existence, and perceives Himself as only existing in a transitive sense of an ever eternal "Present," no Past or Future, just an ever "Present," thus the "I AM." All God knows is that He has always been, He does not know, or is not aware that He ever had an origin, that is to say, He perceives Himself as having always "been" or existed.

      The above is instructive in revealing to us that there is no such a thing as "Time," and it is only a quantity to be reckoned as our "measure of the travel of anything in Space" . . .

      Just as with God, where we were yesterday was our "Present" then, where we are now is our "Present" now, and where we will be tomorrow will be our "Present" then.

      So in a real sense, "Time" is just our measure of the travel of our eternal "Present" in Space (e.g., Earth's travel in its orbit completely around the Sun is reckoned as "1 year"). The reckoning of Time only becomes relevant to us after the Original Creation of the Universe (Big Bang), not in our quest for the Truths and Knowledge about the Creation.

      The above is important for a further decoding of what Genesis tells us about the physical nature of God, before, during, and after the Original Creation (Big Bang), and how the Universe was created.

      As Matter creates the Space it occupies, and commands the excess which surrounds it via gravity, then Matter and Space are related. Then, since Energy and Matter are equivalent (Matter is Energy at or near "rest"), then Energy, Matter, and Space are related. Finally, as Light is the purest form of Energy, then all of them (Light, Energy, Matter, and Space) are related, or are just different or alternative manifestations (states) or effects of Light.

      The searing of Light into the Nothingness was then the most basic event making possible all other visible and invisible Universal physical phenomena at the Original Creation (Big Bang).

      Light searing into the Nothingness ahead of the advancing Matter and Energy, created Space, and thus organized or created a scaffolding of Space for the distribution of the advancing Matter and Energy. Light then laid down ("Illuminated") the path (Space) for the advancing Matter and Energy.

"And the light shineth in darkness;
and the darkness comprehended it not
." (Jn 1:5)

      God's original physical structure is described in the Book of Genesis as "The Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters" (Gn 1:2). We know from elsewhere in the Bible that physically the Spirit of God is a gaseous substance (Job 27:3, Job 32:8, Job 33:4, Job 34:14-15, Eccl 12:7), frequently identified as air, such as the Spirit of God which was breathed into Man to make him a "living soul" (Gn 2:7). On the other hand, "waters" suspended in space are identified elsewhere in the Bible as synonymous with "clouds" or "vapors" (Job 36:27-28), and frequently meaning "water vapor" (Job 26:8).

      The relevant point is that the physical structure of God before the Original Creation (Big Bang) was that of a layered structure of an inner gas or more properly a gelatinous gaseous plasma, surrounded by an outer layer of a vaporous cloud or more properly a semi-liquid vapor.

      The Element Hydrogen (Atomic Number "1"), and which forms 75% of the Mass of the Universe by weight (90% of the atoms in the Universe), would be the most likely candidate to constitute the inner gelatinous gaseous plasma. The Element Helium (Atomic Number "2"), and which forms 25% of the Mass of the Universe by weight (10% of the atoms in the Universe), would be the most likely candidate to constitute the outer semi-liquid vapor. The whole structure had some of the characteristics of a "Black Hole," in that no Light could emanate or escape from it. The outer Helium vaporous cloud was produced and maintained by Thermonuclear Fusion reactions of the Hydrogen within the inner gelatinous gaseous plasma.

      All other elements in the Universe are thought to have been produced much later from the Hydrogen and Helium inside of dying stars, and together constitute less than 1.0% of the Mass of the Universe by weight.

"And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." (Gn 1:2)

      The description of God in the Book of Genesis (Gn 1:2) could then be restated as "The gelatinous gaseous plasma of Hydrogen (The Spirit of God) stirred in activity (moved) surrounded by a semi-liquid vapor of Helium (upon the face of the waters).

      It is clear from all of the above that at as-of-yet unspecified precise conditions of Temperature, Volume, and Pressure, all of the current Matter and Energy of the Universe was concentrated and compacted into a globular "drop," the size of a grapefruit, which could have consisted of an inner gelatinous gaseous plasma of Hydrogen, contained within a semi-liquid vaporous cloud of Helium. It would remain for Physicists and Astrophysicists to calculate the precise steady-state conditions which would render this globular "drop" self-regenerating eternally, without introducing "Time" as a quantity into their equations, as "Time" was an irrelevant and non-existent quantity before the Big Bang or Original Creation of the present Universe.

      This globular "drop" of a gelatinous gaseous plasma of Hydrogen was the Body and Substance of God just before the Creation.

"Clouds and darkness are round about him:" (Ps 97:2)

      The above can be restated as "semi-liquid vapors of Helium (Clouds) and the Nothingness (and darkness) surround Him (are round about him).

      All of the Knowledge and Information necessary to Create the Universe was encoded and contained within the gelatinous gaseous plasma of Hydrogen which constituted God's Body and Substance. This globular gaseous plasma of Hydrogen was the "Mind" of God. The stability of the encoded Knowledge and Information, or Word of God (Jn 1:1) could be eternally maintained in the gelatinous gaseous plasma by as yet undetermined thermonuclear processes.

"In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God.
" (Jn 1:1)

      The encoding of all of God's Knowledge and Information could be in a form similar to computer machine code, utilizing "1" (ones) and "0" (zeros) as the basis of the encoding. The actual physical form of the encoding might utilize sequences of Hydrogen atoms (H) to stand for the digit "1," and Hydrogen ions (H+) to stand for the non-quantity "0," or vice versa.

      As an example:

      A simple-minded code, utilizing "1" for the letter "a," "11" for the letter "b," "111" for the letter "c," "0" for the separation between letters for their ease of identification, and "00" for the space between words, could be used to encode the phrase "a cab" (a shortened version of "a taxicab"), in the following manner:

"H H+H+ HHH H+ H H+ HH," equivalent to "10011101011" and "a cab."

      The example of a simple-minded code offered above is for illustrative purposes only, and the author does not claim to know what is the nature of the code which operates to create "God's Mind." Likewise, the gelatinous gaseous plasma might or might not be based on the element Hydrogen, but instead on protons, neutrons, and other subatomic particles.

      Hydrogen and Helium were chosen because at the lower temperatures existing just before the Big Bang, the characteristics assumed by these two elements best meet the requirements of forming the "Spirit" or "gaseous" (Hydrogen) physical state of God described in Genesis (Gn 1:2), and the suspended "waters" or "clouds" (Helium) which are described as surrounding or "facing" Him.

      Coincidentally, Helium remains liquid down to absolute zero temperature (00K) at ordinary pressure. As the boiling point of Helium is 40K, at a temperature just a little above that (4.50K) it might form a near-liquid vaporous "cloud." As the melting point of Hydrogen is 140K, then at the temperature chosen (4.50K), Hydrogen might exist as a gelatinous gaseous plasma under a specified Pressure, this also because at these temperature and possible pressure conditions, Hydrogen might be metastable. The precise conditions remain to be worked out, and could form the basis for the creation of a Fusion Reactor for the production of a virtual inexhaustible source of Energy on Earth.

      The gelatinous gaseous plasma of Hydrogen ("Mind of God") could be Conscious of Its own Existence, Know Itself and Its Capabilities, Store Knowledge and Information in the form of Memory, and could carry out all of the functions of Thinking, Logic, Calculation, Imagination, Judgment, Planning, and even experience Emotions. It could Feel, . . . and most likely developed a strong Love of Self . . . and Knowing Itself to be alone in existence, . . . It could suffer from Loneliness . . .

"Clouds and darkness are round about him:
righteousness and judgment are the habitation of his throne." (Ps 97:2)

      The Big Bang occurred just as God FIRST said "Let there be light" (Gn 1:3). God's statement was not an audible statement, but rather His utterance instantly became a Physical Reality or as described in Genesis "and there was light." When we speak, our statements are audible statements, but when God "speaks," His statements instantly become a Physical Reality.

      The First and Main Act of Creation then was the Creation of Light (Gn 1:3). The creation of this First Light must have come about from the most powerful Thermonuclear Reaction that has ever occurred, or will ever occur again. This First Light instantly began to sear into the "darkness" or "deep" (the Nothingness) which surrounded God:

"And the light shineth in darkness;
and the darkness comprehended it not
." (Jn 1:5)

      That Light was The Christ, The Son of God. The First or Main Act of God's Creation then was the Creation of His Son. It explains why a little later, God uses the pronouns "us" and "our" when announcing the creation of Man, clearly referring to Himself and His Son, The Christ.

"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:" (Gn 1:26)

      That Light, or The Christ as the Son of God, was also all of the Knowledge and Information, i.e. The Word of God, necessary to create the Universe, to initiate and carry out the entire Creation, and which was originally with God.

"In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God.
" (Jn 1:1)

      What this clearly means is that the actual Act of Creation was delegated by God upon His Son, The Christ. In the physical terms already developed above, it was established that the First Light created as the first event during the Original Creation (Big Bang) seared into the Nothingness, and organized or created a scaffolding of Space for the distribution of the advancing Matter and Energy, making possible all other visible and invisible Universal physical phenomena in the Created Universe.

"All things were made by him;
and without him
was not any thing made that was made." (Jn 1:3)

"He was in the world,
and the world was made by him,
and the world knew him not." (Jn 1:10)

      In a very real sense, The Christ as the Son of God is who creates every individual human being, and only by His Grace is our individual existence itself possible.

"That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world." (Jn 1:9)

      Physically, the effect of the creation of the First Light searing into the Nothingness ("darkness") was the creation of "Space," as can be interpreted from the expression in Genesis to the effect that "God divided the light from the darkness" (Gn 1:4) as a "division" between two entities or points can only be done if there is "Space" between them into which to divide them. With the creation of Space, He then made possible our reckoning of "Time" in terms relevant to us only after the Original Creation (Big Bang).

"And God called the light Day,
and the darkness he called Night
" (Gn 1:5)

"And God said, Let there be lights
in the firmament of the heaven
to divide the day from the night;
and let them be for signs,
and for seasons,
and for days, and years
:" (Gn 1:14)

      The separation of the Light and Darkness as "Day and Night" also betrays that the "darkness" we see in the night sky is the face of the "Nothingness." The World and Life illuminated for us by the Light during the "Day" period is what is relevant and important for us, not the "darkness" (Nothingness) made evident during the "Night" period.

"That was the true Light,
which lighteth every man
that cometh into the world
." (Jn 1:9)

"In him was life;
and the life was the light of men." (Jn 1:4)

"And this is the condemnation,
that light is come into the world,
and men loved darkness rather than light
because their deeds were evil." (Jn 3:19)

      Following the creation of Light, Space, and Time by the searing of the First Light created at the Original Creation (Big Bang) into the "darkness" or Nothingness, there followed thrusting of the rest of the Matter and Energy into the scaffolding of Space created by Light to complete the Original Creation of the Universe, Earth, Life, and us (Gn 1:8, 9-10, 20, 26).

"So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God created he him;" (Gn 1:27)

      In the Creation of the Universe, Earth, Life, and us, God had to use of His own Body and Substance, as something cannot be created out of nothing, and we know this from the evidence that all existing Matter and Energy in the Universe issued from a single point (i.e. a singularity) at the Big Bang. However, this process did not exhaust all of the Energy, and Matter there, and we know this because after each important individual act of creation God was still in existence to gaze upon what He had just created, and render His conscious Judgment as to its suitability (Gn 1:4,10,12,18,21,25,31). We can speculate that He used only an infinitesimal small quantity of His Body and Substance to Create everything that exists today in the Universe.

      This little understood fact might account for the so-called missing "dark matter" in the Universe that Astrophysics cannot account for, and which is thought to make up 99% of the matter in the Universe (Dark matter hunt: US LUX experiment reaches critical phase). In the creation of the Universe, God might have used only 1% of His Body and Substance. God's Body and Substance must then still be found somewhere in the "Heavens."

"The LORD hath prepared his throne in the heavens;
and his kingdom ruleth over all." (Ps 103:19)

      By creating us in His "image," God created our Brains as instruments with consciousness, capable of generating (thinking and imaging) and storing (memory) ideas, thoughts, images, and emotions in analogous fashion as He does. More importantly, we can both hold, and reflect the same Knowledge and Information He has, due to the existence of the First Light (i.e. The Christ as the Son of God).

      Our Brains are then unique organs that are instruments capable of generating a "Mind" analogous to God's "Mind," and of duplicating the Knowledge and Information (emotions, thoughts, ideas, wisdom, judgments, etc.) of which His "Mind" is capable.

      That all of this is true, real, and possible is proven by our own capacity to create "computers" or instruments which are functionally analogous to our own "Mind," and capable (although to a limited extent presently) of carrying out some of the important functions of our "Mind." Our own capacity to do this we derived from the very fact that God created us in "His Image" (Gn 1:27), or capable of creating as He is, not just our offspring (children) but also machines and computers.

When will the Creation end?

      The Original Creation (Big Bang) was a one-time event for the physical creation of the present Universe, and as such has ended. The Physical Renewal or Reformation, a sort of re-Creation, of the Universe does continue by means of various instruments, including in the Centers of Galaxies, Stars, and Black Holes.

      It remains to be determined if the current expansion of the Universe will go on forever, separating even subatomic particles wide apart from each other, and by these means destroying the very structural integrity of our Universe, or be reversed by the aggregate gravity in the Universe. The very powerful Force of Attraction (Love) still emanating from God for His Creation will prevent its expansion to such an destructive extent.

      Some Physical Renewal or Reformation, a sort of re-Creation, of the Universe and of the Earth is to be expected to occur:

"And I saw a new heaven and a new earth:
for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away
;" (Rev 21:1)

      Approximately 2,000 years ago an ordinary human being, Jesus, a man of humble origins, was Anointed (Christened or Illuminated) by God as His Son, by granting to Jesus instant access to absolutely all of the Knowledge and Information in God's Mind. This process of Anointment, or "Christening" (endowing Jesus with The Christ or First Light), was accomplished by the endowment of Jesus with a very special circuitry in Jesus' brain, capable of processing hundred of millions and perhaps billions of pieces of information in parallel processing in just milliseconds!!! The product of this nearly superhuman processing of information was the "Word of God made Flesh" (Jn 1:14) which Jesus the Christ then "Faithfully and in Truth" summarized for us.

"And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us," (Jn 1:14)

      Jesus, the otherwise ordinary human being, by a rare combination of His pre-ordained genetic endowment and of His essential mammalian nature (as a "Lamb with Intelligence"), was found to be the only One Worthy of this most remarkable instant access. Jesus anointed as The Christ, then achieved access to all of the Knowledge, Information, and Wisdom of God Himself, in all of its temporal dimensions, Past, Present, and Future (Jn 4:29). Jesus could summarize in the simplest and purest of terms the results of His processing of this most awesome volume of information:

"The woman saith unto him,
I know that Messias cometh,
which is called Christ:
when he is come,
he will tell us all things.

Jesus saith unto her,
I that speak unto thee am he." (Jn 4:25-26)

      However, Jesus The Christ, the most remarkable human being that could ever exist, was mercilessly killed and destroyed by the actions of a genetically polluted segment of Mankind.

      God withheld His Wrath at the behest of His Son upon the Cross (Lk 23:34) . . .

      But just as sure as the "Acceptable Year of the Lord" came with the Birth and Anointment of Jesus, the "Day of Vengeance of our God" will arrive.

"To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD,
and the day of vengeance of our God;" (Isa 61:2)

"For the great day of his wrath is come;
and who shall be able to stand?" (Rev 6:17)

      The main concern of God during His Day of Vengeance will be the removal of this genetically polluted component of Mankind:

"The enemy that sowed them is the devil;
the harvest is the end of the world;
" (Mt 13:39)

      To be sure, there will also be a Physical Renewal or Reformation, a sort of re-Creation, of the Universe accompanying these events:

"Immediately after the tribulation of those days
shall the sun be darkened,
and the moon shall not give her light,
and the stars shall fall from heaven,
and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken
:" (Mt 24:29)

"But in those days,
after that tribulation,
the sun shall be darkened,
and the moon shall not give her light,
And the stars of heaven shall fall,
and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken
." (Mk 13:24-25)

"And there shall be signs in the sun,
and in the moon, and in the stars
and upon the earth distress of nations,
with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;" (Lk 21:25)

"And the fourth angel sounded,
and the third part of the sun was smitten,
and the third part of the moon,
and the third part of the stars;
so as the third part of them was darkened,
and the day shone not for a third part of it,
and the night likewise
." (Rv 8:12)

      But, we also have the promise that the Creation and the Created will go on forever:

"And there shall be no night there;
and they need no candle, neither light of the sun;
for the Lord God giveth them light:
and they shall reign for ever and ever." (Rv 22:5)

Food for thought

"These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs:
but the time cometh,
when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs,
but I shall shew you plainly of the Father." (Jn 16:25)

"But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel,
when he shall begin to sound,
the mystery of God should be finished,
as he hath declared to his servants the prophets." (Rv 10:7)

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