An article outlining the meaning of the subjects of evil and the Devil, of God's apparent impotence regarding them, and of the ultimate end of all evil and of the Devil.

By Cristo Rey

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Who is the Devil? What is evil? Is God impotent to stop evil and the Devil? Will there be a Final End to evil and to the Devil?

      The purpose of this article is to attempt to answer these questions by a departure from the conventional and traditional views of my fellow Christians about these subjects. It is the author's belief that God does not hide truths from us, that He does not play guessing games or peekaboo games, that God does not favor some people with exclusive knowledge, and that His truths are available to all who seek them. We might differ in our interpretations of what He communicates to us, or some might invent "truths" that they ascribe to Him, but Faithful is He that He does not play games with our minds. Sufficient historical time has elapsed since biblical events for us to be able to now deal with these subjects in view of current understanding and knowledge.

Who is the Devil?

      The Devil is not a person, and is not a force. Based on the primitive, tribal Hebrew religion of the Old Testament, many Christians believe that the Devil or Satan is the fallen angel Lucifer (Is 14:12). However, there are no angels, and there have never been any such creatures. They only represent mythical figures and characters in the primitive, tribal Hebrew religion of the Old Testament. There exists only God, Jesus the Christ, the Holy Spirit, and us; There are no other intermediaries or interlopers.

      In order to accept the existence of angels, and of the Devil as a fallen angel (Lucifer), we would be forced to accept unsavory and incredible things about God. As practically all of the present Humanity has never seen or been in proven, credible contact with any angels for over twenty centuries:

      We would have to accept that He has historically favored a very small number of primitive, ancient people with exclusive knowledge about angels and the Devil . . . Hardly likely!!!

      We would have to accept that He decided to play an eternal game with Humanity in hiding these truths from the majority of its members . . . Hardly likely!!!

      We would have to accept that God has played a peekaboo game with us throughout the ages, in only letting the very ancient people of the primitive, tribal Hebrew religion of the Old Testament see, talk, and interact with angels and the Devil . . . Hardly likely!!!

      We would have to believe that He had reasons for doing all of these things and that He was secretive about His reasons . . . Hardly likely!!! . . .

      God is not secretive!!!

      Would any or all of these things be true of God, He would not be a trustworthy God, He would not be a credible one, and would be just as capricious, mean-spirited, and unpredictable a god as the mythical Greek and Roman gods were . . . Hardly likely!!! We don't need to invoke inspiration by the Holy Spirit to know intuitively that God is credible, trustworthy, and predictable . . . Jesus the Christ told us that "he that hath seen me hath seen the Father" (Jn 14:9); And we know that Jesus the Christ was credible, trustworthy, and predictable.

      Something we call the "Devil" does exist, however. The Devil is a Spirit, the Spirit of Evil. Spirits, however, exist ONLY in human minds, as dispositions and frames or states of mind, triggered by particular emotional states, and there is no credible evidence that they originate from beings or forces floating outside or external to us.

      The personal characteristics and deeds in others and that we have historically judicially ascribed to the mythical Devil were for the most part our own, a mirror image of our minds when functioning with an emotional disposition or frame and state of mind of being "evil."

      The non-personal antics of the mythical Devil have to do with either our predictive failure of acts of Nature and happenings in life which harm us and others, or our permitting them to harm us and others by our refusal to remove ourselves in timely fashion from where they occur, and were added to the mythical figure as a way of personifying everything that we consider "evil" in existence. For example, atmospheric phenomena (Hurricanes and Tornados) and Earthquakes, which some ascribe to the "Devil" but which occur in other planets (e.g. Mars) where there are no human beings to "Bedevil."

      The word itself, "Devil," probably arose as a shortened, and slurred way of saying "The Evil" in life. Likewise, the word "God," probably arose as an identical shortened, and slurred way of saying the "Good" in life . . . God and the Devil . . .

      The "Good" and "TheEvil" in life . . .

What is evil?

      The answer to this question is identical to the answers to the questions, "Why do we do evil?" "What makes us do evil?" "What is in our nature that makes us do evil, or be evil?"

      Even 3,600 year ago, around the time the allegorical story of the Creation was written, it was observed that those humans who choose mostly evil share many characteristics with living reptiles (snakes). This is the reason for the "talking snake" in the story (Gn 3:1). All evidence indicates that the snake was inside of Eve, probably in her mind as she was the only one who could see and hear it, Adam could not. Eve, in typical reptilian fashion, deceived Adam. By these means, she revealed herself as a "talking snake."

      Our brains are unique organs which are specialized to receive information from our psychological and physical environments, to process this information, and to decide an appropriate response to that information, especially if it is a stimulus. Our subjective awareness of this entire process as carried out by our brains is our mind.

      The brain can be divided into two functional parts, the intellectual and emotional parts. The emotional part of our brain in turn is made up functionally of "reptilian and mammalian" parts (How the Human Brain Developed and How the Human Mind Works, by Manfred Davidmann).

      This means that we are fully capable of manifesting both genetic sets of emotions, reptilian and mammalian, either each alone exclusively, or both simultaneously in observable ambivalence . . .

      Human beings can function either as "talking snakes" or as "lambs with intelligence," and still further, willfully as "talking snakes disguised as lambs with intelligence," or naively as "lambs with intelligence misguided into behaving like talking snakes."

      A human being acting by motivation from the human mammalian emotional brain part displays love, nesting, parenting, empathy, devotion, loyalty, altruism, compassion, political liberalism, non-violent resistance, high intelligence, and a passive personality (Type-B), the diagnostic hallmarks of a "lamb with intelligence."

      A human being acting by motivation from the human reptilian emotional brain part displays hate, isolation, deceitfulness, unreasoned fears, reactive antagonisms, argumentativeness, contrariness, unhealthy fixations, acquisitiveness, disloyalty, a lack of compassion, unhealthy competitiveness, political conservatism, dictatorial repression, aggression, violence, murder, rituals, ostentatious displays, low intelligence, and a high-strung or driven personality (Type-A), the diagnostic hallmarks of a "talking snake."

      Because we succumbed to the guile and enticements of the reptilian part of our emotional brains long ago, during the infancy of the Human Race, this tendency and condition has become genetic in the human population, and deprived us of our original "eternal life" in this existence (people after Adam, lived shorter and shorter lives). As human beings are genetically exclusively either reptilian or mammalian emotionally, or both simultaneously in observable ambivalence, their moral character, personality, values, and behavior, will reflect these existing genetic alternatives.

"A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit,
neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit." (Mt 7:18)

"Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." (Mt 7:20)

Is God impotent to stop evil and the Devil?

      The answer to this question is a resounding "No!!! . . . No way!!!"

      The fact that God sent us His only-begotten Son to teach us and demonstrate for us how to lead a mammalian life and keep ourselves from evil sentiments, and to neutralize the effects on us of the evil in those around us, is the best evidence that He is not impotent in achieving this!!!

      Jesus the Christ came to demonstrate to us how to function as "lambs with intelligence," once again, and regain our lost eternal life in this existence.

      Reptilian ways do confer some advantages to those who function almost exclusively this way, and were it not for Divine intervention it would become the ways of all humans, until the unavoidable and dire consequences of these sentiments and behaviors would irreversibly end the Human Race. This situation and its Remedy, were foreseen by God from before the Foundation of this World.

      The emphasis is not on merely recognizing, accepting, and declaring that we believe "Jesus the Christ is our Lord and Savior" in a single emotionally-laden instance, that He is . . . The emphasis, as He told us (Jn 5:24), is in our learning and practicing as to become a second nature living the way that He taught (as a "lamb with intelligence"); The belief and acceptance can be instant, the learning and practicing takes time to achieve its intended effect, the mammalian part of our brain endowing us with eternal life in this existence by producing the appropriate chemicals.

"Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way,
which leadeth unto (eternal) life,
and few there be that find it." (Mt 7:14)

Will there be a Final End to evil and to the Devil?

      The Book of Revelation more than hints at a final end to evil and to the "Devil." Although a mixture of mythology, allegory, and foretold real events, it details that the Christ in His Second Advent as the Son of Man comes to carry out Judgement, War, and to put an end to evil and to the "Devil" once and for all in Humanity.

      The described situation and conditions are that the souls and spirits of the people on Earth are under the bondage of the economic and browbeating intimidation of a group of reptilian humans, the original and eternal Antichrists. These are banded together under the Sign of the Beast (666), a secular sign and symbol based on the number six, the sign of a very human man, not of anything Godly, Sacred, or Holy. The Beast (666) will influence and browbeat Humanity into accepting the "One-World Government of the Antichrist."

      Most of the action will not be visible to the human eye, most will not be carried out in public or in the open. Only the very Final Battle will be obvious.

      A second crucifixion won't take place . . .

      As violent as the description of these events appears in the Book of Revelation, be aware that the Christ does no physical killing . . . He will slay them by the "sword of His mouth." (Rv 19:15,21) In the end, the correction of Mankind's polluted spiritual and genetic condition, will be both spiritual and genetic.

Food for thought

      As the Final Battle alluded to in the Book of Revelation becomes obvious and real to our eyes and minds, we are sure to be confused as to the participant's identities. We have, however, the Words of Jesus the Christ to help us in deciphering these vexing perplexities:

"Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." (Mt 7:20)

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