An article defining human judgments, the Judgment of God, and the Final Judgment.

By Cristo Rey

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What are human judgments? What is the Judgment of God? Will there be a Final Judgment of Mankind?

      The purpose of this article is to attempt to answer these questions by a consideration of the philosophical, biblical, and traditional views on these subjects. All human judgments are different expressions and manifestations of the same decision process, that of formulating an "opinion." Human judgments and God's Judgments are all-together different concepts, non-analogous, and impossible to be compared on the same terms. The "Final Judgment of Mankind" will be a special, once-in-Eternity enforcement of the Will of God upon Humanity, and will be carried out by the Christ in His Second Advent as the Son of Man.

What are human judgments?

      All human judgments, regardless of all the pomp and circumstance with which they are presented, are in reality merely human subjective decisions in the form of "opinions." This is so because human objectivity is an impossibility (By the way, About Knowledge . . .). There is no such thing as a human impartial or objective judgment, there never has been, and there never will be by virtue of the essential (genetic) nature of Man.

      All human judgments issue from a built-in "Judgment Center" in Man's Intellectual Brain, however this center by obligation is motivated (energized into activity) by either the Mammalian or the Reptilian part of man's Emotional Brain. The resulting activity (decisions) of man's Judgment Center is a value-laden decision, not an impartial or objective decision, by virtue of the energizing activities of Man's Emotional Brain upon the Judgment Center.

      Judgments motivated by the "Reptilian" part of man's Emotional Brain are always tainted by either Fear, Deceit, Ritual, Display, Territoriality (competition), or Aggression, or combinations of these, as these are the ONLY emotions this emotional brain part is capable of generating.

      In contrast, judgments motivated by the "Mammalian" part of man's Emotional Brain are motivated by Love, Pleasure, the avoidance of Pain, Altruism, Empathy, or Sympathy, all emotions which this emotional brain part is capable of generating. The judgmental properties of Mercy, Tolerance, and Forgiveness ARE ONLY POSSIBLE by a motivational combination of Love, Sympathy, and Altruism originating in the Mammalian part of the Emotional Brain and which this brain part is capable of generating. In contrast, Vengeance, Vindictiveness, Mercilessness, and Intolerance are only possible by the motivational combination of "Reptilian" emotions upon the Judgment Center.

      As with most decisional centers in Man's Intellectual Brain, the Judgment Center cannot function without its neural energizing activity (its arousal) being provided by either the Reptilian or the Mammalian parts of Man's Emotional Brain. Man's Emotional Brain acts by means of a dynamo or capacitor, The Limbic System, a loop of interconnected emotional centers, which builds up a neural energizing activity (nerve impulses), which when reaching a sufficient strength is then discharged upon selected decisional centers located in the Intellectual Brain. The hyperactivity of this loop results in the individual getting "hung-up" on specific emotional states, and under such influence the individual cannot "let go" of the specific emotional state. Both, the Reptilian and Mammalian parts of Man's Emotional Brain have access to this emotional loop or dynamo. Hyperactivity of this loop or dynamo under the influence of the Reptilian part results in Cruelty, Brutality, Savagery, Tyranny, Murder, Persecution, Injustice, and all other excesses of the "Beast." In contrast, hyperactivity of this loop or dynamo under the influence of the Mammalian part results in Vices, Infatuations, Passions, Devotions, Worship, and all other excesses of the "Flesh."

      As human beings are genetically exclusively either Reptilian or Mammalian emotionally, or both simultaneously in observable ambivalence, their judgments will reflect these existing genetic alternatives.

"Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." (Mt 7:20)

      All human judgments are then emotionally-laden opinions motivated by either Reptilian or Mammalian emotions, or both in observable ambivalence, and rationalized as "judgments" . . .

      We are in a perpetual, eternal, never-ending state of "judging" or formulating highly subjective "opinions" . . .

      When we gaze upon a bright, clear day, and utter "it is a nice day!" we are exercising our judgment upon the quality of the day. Most current human judgments (opinions), when expressed and communicated, are automatically opposed and contradicted, or at the very least revised by those around us. This because most modern human beings are strongly Reptilian genetically, and consequently in a perpetual state of contrariness. When we express out loud that this is indeed a "nice day!" we are sure to incite contradictory comments such as "I have seen better!" or "It could be better!" or "That's your opinion!" or "Well, I don't know about that!" or "Says who?" or merely "Yeah, but . . ." from most of those within earshot of our utterance. Very infrequently will we incite comments of agreement such as "Yeah!" or "That's right!" or "Right on!" or merely "Let's hope it stays that way!"

"Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." (Mt 7:20)

      Most human Judicial, Moral, or "Principled" judgments are heavily tainted by Reptilian emotions; None is infallible or unimpeachable, and as explained above, automatically incite in the subjects judged the contrary violent and passionate desire to retaliate by judging in return the individual or group who rendered the original judgment. A Reptilian motivation or emotion in our actions towards others incites an equal and opposite (contrary) Reptilian motivation or emotion in them as an automatic reaction, this by virtue of the Reptilian emotion of Territoriality (competition) in them. This is the very reason why Jesus the Christ gravely and wisely warned us:

"Judge not, that ye be not judged."
[By Him during the Final Judgment!!]
(Mt 7:1)

"Judge not, and ye shall not be judged:
condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned:
forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:" (Lk 6:37)

"Judge not according to the appearance,
but judge righteous judgment." (Jn 7:24)

      The conclusion from all of this is that human beings are absolutely incapable and unqualified to judge each other. And, the real consequences of their judgments upon each other are to perpetuate the Reptilian nature in those judged (by active incitement or embitterment), to perpetuate a vicious cycle of vengeance on the part of those judged (retaliation upon the source for the judgment perceived as unjust), to perpetuate war and strife, and eventually and unavoidably to result in the total breakdown of "Civilization" and of the "Societal Law and Order" from the rapidly accumulating reactionary effects in the judged.

      That total breakdown point is near . . . very near . . .

"And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven,
Now is come salvation, and strength,
and the kingdom of our God,
and the power of his Christ:
for the accuser of our brethren is cast down,
which accused them before our God day and night
." (Rev 12:10)

What is the Judgment of God?

      God does not judge anyone . . .

"For the Father judgeth no man,
but hath committed all judgment unto the Son:
" (Jn 5:22)

      Given that He was ALL GOD and ALL MAN within the same individual, then clearly, "all judgment" is not given to the Divine side of Jesus (God in Him), but to the Human part in Him, otherwise, this message would be a contradiction.

      To believe or state otherwise is equivalent to saying that Jesus the Christ was a LIAR.

      Human beings are the ONLY ones with a desire for judgment and vengeance, NOT GOD . . .

      Clearly, then, ALL of God's supposed "Judgments" in the Old Testament (be the Judgments of Adam and Eve, Sodom and Gomorrah, etc.) did not in fact occurred.

      By the statement quoted above, to believe or state otherwise is equivalent to saying that Jesus the Christ was a LIAR.

      "The Judgment of God," as carried out by Jesus the Christ, upon any issue is the execution of His Will upon that issue. It is not the result of current deliberations on His part about the particular issue, but has been pre-determined for the particular issue from before the Foundation of the World.

      The Judgment of God has been pre-embedded into the World as the basic laws of the Universe; It is fixed, unchanging, and non-appealable. The Judgment of God is manifested physically in the form of the inviolable physical laws (Cause and Effect) which guarantee the physical intactness and integrity of the Universe, thus ensuring its existence for any length of time at all. It is manifested at our level, behaviorally as "Action and Consequence," or the biblical "Sowing and Reaping."

      The reasons for God's Judgment are beyond our comprehension because of the great difference in our temporal existences, we exist but for just an instant while He is eternal. However, many of His Judgments are obvious, self-defining, and not difficult to understand. For example, His Judgment that "something cannot be created out of nothing," is easy to understand, given that if the opposite were true it would create great chaos in existence, with each individual in Mankind creating myriads of things out of the nothingness.

      The Judgments of God have always existed, and have always been an integral part of His being, that is in His Spirit.

      Even God cannot violate His own Laws, and He has to function and exist by His own Judgments based on His own immutable, eternal Laws. Thus God is ruled by a Higher Law in Him, that of His Spirit. When faced with His decision to Create the Universe and everything that exists today, He could not create it out of "nothing," so He had to use of His own Body and Substance to create the Created. To maintain that "for God anything is possible" is an erroneous idea if left unqualified, and should be interpreted as "for God anything is possible if it is possible within the limits of His pre-determined Laws."

      God has to abide by His own Laws just the same as we do . . .

"And he went a little further, and fell on his face,
and prayed, saying, O my Father,
if it be possible, let this cup pass from me:
nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt." (Mt 26:39)

      In the above passage, Jesus the Christ, the Son of God, is asking if it was possible for Him to interfere supernaturally in our physical Universe, and deliver Him from His appointed fate (the crucifixion). Obviously He did not know if it was possible for God, His father, to interfere supernaturally in the affairs of this physical Universe. And, as by doing so God would have had to violate the physical laws that make it possible for the Universe to be maintained and to exist at all . . . His doing so then, would have rendered the Universe highly unstable, or cause it to immediately cease to exist . . .

      It obviously was not possible for God . . .

      God's Laws and Judgments favor no one in particular, so for any one group of human beings to believe or maintain to be favored by God (such as the Jews), is a preposterous idea, and highly suspect. Such an idea is the delusional product of Man's Reptilian mind and based on the Territoriality (competition) peculiar to Reptilian human beings in reaction to their fears of other human beings. It amounts to a religiously rationalized Racism at the very least, and to a highly psychotic delusion of grandeur at the other extreme, and betrays a Reptilian desire to dominate other human beings considered inferior or "lower" in status before God . . . Hardly likely!!!

      A God of Love would not likely create or set up such a caste system within the Created!!!

"Then Peter opened his mouth, and said,
Of a truth I perceive that God
is no respecter of persons
:" (Acts 10:34)

      For us to believe that God favors particular groups would be to conceive that He was as arbitrary as the gods of the Greeks and Romans . . . Hardly likely!!! Indeed He determined before the Creation that all human beings would be created in His image as "lambs with intelligence," and Reptilian human beings are a consciously self-perpetuating (self-selecting, by inbreeding) deviation from His Expressed Will upon Mankind, and as such will be utterly destroyed by Him.

      God's Judgments and Laws are indeed blind, by being pre-determined before the Creation, and unlike Man's judgments not tainted by Reptilian motivations . . .

Will there be a Final Judgment of Mankind?

Final Judgment

Final Judgment

      Because God has no Reptilian motivations, the once-in-Eternity Final Judgment of Mankind, carried out by Jesus the Christ, will be a unique and special case of the enforcement of the Will of God upon Humanity which has been delegated to the Christ in His Second Advent as the "Son of Man."

      The Will of God, expressed through His Judgments and Laws, created the Universe and everything that exists, has shaped it, modified it, and guided its fate to the present day. Scientific findings concerning the history of these accomplishments are most probably correct because of the extensive physical evidence which Science offers to reinforce its findings and conclusions.

      God once before destroyed the ancient Reptiles (Dinosaurs) to make the Earth safe and secure for Mammals and eventually for Mankind. The Final Judgment of Mankind soon to occur will be an identical Act of Enforcement of His Will, but now upon Mankind, and will consist of the destruction of all Reptilian humans ("talking snakes") to make the Earth safe and secure for Mammalian humans ("lambs with intelligence"), allow the regeneration of the Earth into a New Earth, and the regeneration of Humanity into a New Humanity.

      The destruction of ALL evil and of the "Devil," the Final Judgment of Mankind, the granting of Eternal Life to the elect (by mutual selection, God selects the elect, and the elect select God) in their current physical bodies in this existence, and the establishment of the Kingdom of God are one and the same thing, one and the same act . . . one single event!

Food for thought

"Fear not, little flock;
for it is your Father's good pleasure
to give you the kingdom." (Lk 12:32)

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