An article defining knowledge, its role in our lives, and demonstrating the lethality of ignorance.

By Cristo Rey

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What is knowledge? What is the role of knowledge in our lives? What is lack of knowledge?

      The purpose of this article is to attempt to define knowledge and its role in our lives. In the past century (20th), we were misled to believe that all truths and knowledge are relative. Far from the truth, the only valid knowledge are truths, and truths are absolutes.

      It's only by the Grace of God that the atheist exists, to be able to doubt, question, and reject His existence . . . for the atheist did not create the Universe or himself and does not know who or what did . . .

What is knowledge?

      Knowledge is whatever can be known.

      Whatever cannot be known is non-existent, i.e. nothingness. Knowledge includes Truths, Lies, Fiction, Speculations, Guesses, Calculations, Conclusions, Suspicions, Discoveries, Deductions, Inductions, Realities, Hallucinations, Delusions, Facts, Data, Insights, Comprehensions, Perceptions, Discernments, etc.

      Truths are Knowledge. Truths are the only valid knowledge that exist in the Universe. Truths are not relative, they are absolutes.


      Most of the truths which exist in the Universe are self-defining, self-evident facts, e.g., a rose is a rose, a tree is a tree, 1+1=2, I am, and I am me.

      Once in existence or that achieve existence, truths will endure for the whole of eternity, and until later, until after the Universe ceases to exist . . .

"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away." (Mt 24:35)

      For example, the fact that 1+1=2, is a TRUTH, that will continue to be true even after Heaven and the Universe cease to exist. The already established TRUTHS that I was born where I born, in the day and month in which I was born, and with the name that I was given, will remain so, TRUTHS, even after Heaven and the Universe cease to exist . . . That means, that such facts are already part of the "History" of the Universe.

      Truths are then simple or complex self-evident thoughts which are intended by God to be exclusively and specifically generated in our minds.

      Even the most sincere, perfectly "objective" human beings do not really wish to find the ultimate, real, unavoidable truths about any subject of their interest . . . but rather, ones to their liking.

      As examples:

"Objective" members of the White Race do not really wish to find out, by objective scientific means, that their race was the most biologically inferior in existence; The same goes for all other races of Mankind.

By the same token, "objective" Catholics would not wish to find out that they had been judged by God to be the most evil, misguided Religion, and had been condemned to Eternal Damnation; The same goes for "objective" Baptists, and for all other religious groups.

"Objective" scientists would reject, be incredulous of, embarrassed by, and compromised by, to say the least, upon finding incontrovertible proof of God's existence from their experiments or calculations.

On the other hand, "objective" religious thinkers would be horrified, and would reject the Holy Spirit informing them that God really had briefly passed the dust through Ape-men and pre-Human beings on the way to converting it into Man (Adam), meaning that Evolution was true . . .

      Clearly, "objective" human thinkers have oversold their supposed objectivity . . .


      These truths follow from the fact that there is no such thing as an emotionless knowledge or thought, and there is no such thing as a knowledge-free or thoughtless emotion.

      This follows from the fact that our mind is the functionally-combined product of the SIMULTANEOUS activities of the Intellectual and Emotional parts of our brains.

      Every thought is accompanied by emotional feelings, and every emotion or feeling evokes specific thoughts. No thought is devoid of emotion, and no emotion is devoid of thoughts.


What is the role of knowledge in our lives?

      Our brains as organs, can only process information, and as a consequence of this fact, we can only perceive the Universe and everything that exists as information, i.e. knowledge. Our brains are not in direct contact with our environment nor with the Universe, but are in indirect contact with them through our sense organs, many served by long nerves, some as long as 5-6 ft in length. So our brains are separated from the reality out there, by in some cases, several feet of nerves, and in many cases our senses fool us (mislead us, as in sensual and optical or aural illusions).

      We are only "knowing beings," we can only know, and nothing else. We are Homo sapiens, or "Knowing Man."

      More correctly then, "knowledge" is emotionally-laden information in our minds generated in us by ourselves, by our immediate environment, by others, by the Universe, or by God.

"And the light shineth in darkness;
and the darkness comprehended it not." (Jn 1:5)

      The above can be restated as "Truth as knowledge superimposes itself upon ignorance, and replaces or destroys ignorance, ignorance cannot resist it."

      As information, the Universe is perceived by us as Signs and Symbols. Signs and Symbols are information-carrying expressions or messages which are sent from a conscious sender (e.g., God) to a conscious receiver (e.g., us) in the form of an informational loop.

      The existence of a sender and a message sent, and a receiver and a message received and comprehended, is an informational loop. By unavoidable logical implication, there has to be consciousness in both the sender and receivers.

      Only a conscious entity can elaborate and send messages, and only a conscious entity can comprehend and be a receiver of messages. There would not have been a need for an "unconscious Nature" as a Creator to create "conscious receivers;" Only a conscious entity (e.g., God) as The Creator would have had a need to create conscious receivers (e.g., us), to communicate with, send messages to (signs and symbols), and by these means to impart knowledge upon them.

      There is no absolute need for living beings to be conscious of each other's existence to reproduce themselves, and thus successfully perpetuate life; Unconscious single cells (Amoeba) do it all the time. Even sexual reproduction does not require consciousness. Sexual reproduction with full, and even greater variation than obtainable at present can be had with females acquiring sperm seeded by anonymous males into a common environment; The females need not be conscious or aware of the existence of males in their environment; It happens just this way with some fish and amphibians all the time. Consciousness is clearly then not designed or required for the mutual awareness and recognition among the created in order for life to exist or perpetuate itself.

      An unconscious Nature would have had to somehow been conscious of the specific need in us for consciousness to endow us with it, but for what purpose and, to what end? But we know this to be a contradiction in logical terms!!!

      Therefore, the sender at the other end of this informational loop has to be a conscious entity, i.e. God. Were we to endow Nature with consciousness in order to prevent this logical contradiction, we would in effect be admitting the existence of God, i.e. a Conscious Creator.

      The Conscious Creator, i.e. God, makes us aware of His existence by virtue of our own self-perceived existence . . . Our own consciously self-perceived and felt existence as the "receiver" part of an informational loop is the most reliable message we have of the unavoidable fact of His existence, as a "sender." We, in our self-perceived and felt existence, are the supreme sign and unavoidable message of His existence. But if in doubt, there is the rest of the signs, symbols, information, and messages in the Universe and in everything that exists, and which unavoidably attest of His existence!!!

"The heavens declare the glory of God;
and the firmament sheweth his handiwork
." (Ps 19:1)

      As demonstrably the most inferior of all living creatures, human beings need this informational loop in a link with their Creator, i.e. God, for the vital, critical, and necessary information for their survival (salvation) to any length of time at all. A human toddler would not survive but minutes or hours at the most, were it not for the necessary information already in possession of the mother or caretaker, who in turn received it from God in the form of experiences in and with their environment and which their consciousness made possible. These experiences are in the form of an active communication and informational loop with their Creator, by the means of signs, symbols, and messages consciously sent and received. In turn, only the successful mutually conscious interaction between toddler and caretaker makes his/her survival possible.


      Imagine for a second what would happen if you were all-of-sudden deprived of the consciousness and knowledge of what constitute "poisons" in your environment. Just the mere loss of vital short-term memory (i.e. the loss of consciousness of recent events), such as occurs in an Alzheimer's patient, renders human beings unable to lead independent, unsupervised lives, let alone the complete loss of consciousness. The complete loss of consciousness (e.g. a coma) renders a human being as a mere helpless "vegetable," who readily dies without immediate artificial medical intervention.

      We are under the constant, millisecond-by-millisecond care of God, by means of a conscious informational loop . . . for our very survival (salvation) to any length of time at all!!!

      Only this informational loop (e.g., mammalian instincts) guarantees our survival to any extent of time at all, but the Word of God through Jesus the Christ is also vital and necessary to determine the quality of that survival, the quality of our life. Rejection or willful ignorance of His Word is death, The Living Death, and quickly the biological one, and all the while the most depraved, debased, futile, and worthless of possible existences.

      The reptilian instincts we might give ourselves up to, within ourselves or with others, will bring us first the The Living Death, and quickly the Biological one

      Within our Western Culture we benefit from the Word of God through Jesus the Christ, even when not believing in God or His Christ, by virtue of the fact that there are people around us who do believe, and make a safe and secure environment possible for us in spite of our disbelief. People of other cultures who are not "Christians" have received the Christ (The Word or "information") under other names, and even though with less accurate messages nevertheless suitable to their environments.

      The "Christ" is merely the expressed Word of God, the Universal Creator.

What is lack of knowledge?


      By ignoring the obvious, self-evident facts on any specific subject, i.e. truths, we remain ignorant of the ultimate unavoidable truth about that subject, to our loss, damnation, and perdition, not God's. There are awesome and self-destructive consequences to our own willful ignorance.

      Even when we in futility kill the messenger of the bad news to keep ourselves ignorant of the bad news for us, we will still be facing the bad news!!!

      For human beings ignorance is death . . . first The Living Death, then quickly the Biological one . . .

      Truths as "Knowledge" are the ultimate, absolute, and unavoidable reality about any subject . . . and as such can ONLY be ignored at our own peril.

      As examples:

1. No human being has ever in truth killed another human being for God. Human beings kill each other for their individual, unique, and peculiar reasons, not really because of God; And God has never and will never ask any human being to kill in His behalf, God is capable of doing His own killing directly if He deems it necessary. God does not need to contract killers . . .

2. Everything about the human being is genetically determined to some extent. Even our slight coughs are genetically determined to some extent, and so is the vulnerability and propensity of our bones to fracture genetically determined to some extent. Not only is intelligence genetic to some extent, but our very ability to understand and comprehend ideas and messages we receive genetically determined to some extent.

3. The highest IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is the lowest WQ (Wisdom Quotient) . . .

4. The Word of God through Jesus the Christ served in a very real sense as an agent of "Natural Selection" (i.e. The Judgment of God); Those in his audience who quickly understood His words were in effect "potential" genetic "Christians" (Jn 16:25, Jn 17:8), i.e. "lambs with intelligence," and the ones, i.e. "talking snakes" (Mt 13:10-11), who were baffled and confused by His words were, and remained, genetically incapable of ever being Christians.

We can only learn or become what our genes allow us to learn or become. Reptilian human beings can never be or become mammalian human beings, and vice versa.

"A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit,
neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
" (Mt 7:18)

5. Reptilian humans are currently naturally being genetically eliminated from the genetic pool of Mankind, and a Final Judgment will take place to remove this unredeemable, undesirable, and polluting component from the gene pool of Mankind once and for all (Mt 24:40-41). Reptilian humans ("talking snakes") are not genetically fit for the Kingdom of God (Mt 25:41), only mammalian human beings ("lambs with intelligence") will inherit the earth, eternal life, and the Kingdom of God.

"Blessed are the meek:
for they shall inherit the earth
." (Mt 5:5)

Food for thought

      We NEED Science as much as Religion . . . for an adequate life and for survival itself, and to avoid an untimely death . . . We depend on both . . . they are intricately involved in our lives . . . if not directly, then indirectly . . . we are the "victims" of their respective excesses, their actions affect our lives and survival . . .

      When extremists on both of their sides ACT . . . our lives are impacted . . . then in VERY DIRECT WAYS . . . we cannot ignore them or fancy that we can live and survive without either of them . . .

      Even if Science and Religion do not reconcile themselves . . . and continue as enemies of each other . . . we MUST somehow reconcile them within ourselves . . . for our survival as individuals and as a species . . .

      We cannot surrender ourselves to JUST Science . . . its bastard daughter Technology can kill us or lead us to an untimely death . . . We cannot surrender ourselves to JUST Religion . . . its rejection of truths and of physical reality can also kill us or lead us to an untimely death . . .

      We have NO OTHER choice . . . we have to reconcile them within ourselves . . . that reconciliation WILL GUARANTEE our survival (or Salvation, as Religion calls it) and avoidance of an untimely death . . .

      When things don't go their way, "talking snakes" always opt to do away with democracy . . . that failing . . . THEY KILL!!!

      In a very real sense, Santa Claus does exist, otherwise, Where do all those toys come from? . . . Santa Claus is a spirit . . .

"These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs:
but the time cometh,
when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs,
but I shall shew you plainly of the Father
." (Jn 16:25)

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