An article presenting evidence of the coming "Racial" or "Ethnic" civil war soon to occur in America, its causes, and impact on the country and world.

By Cristo Rey

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Will there soon be a "Racial" and "Ethnic" civil war in America? What are its causes? What impact will it have on the country and on the world?

      The purpose of this article is to set out the better than probable soon occurence of a "Racial" and "Ethnic" Civil War in the United States. White policemen all over the country are firing the first shots (Democracy Now!: Police Brutality). The article also examines its historical and recent causes, and the impact which it will have on the country and in the world at large.

Will there soon be a "Racial" and "Ethnic" civil war in America?

      There soon will be a better than probable "Racial" and "Ethnic" Civil War in the United States of America. White policemen all over the country are firing the first shots (Democracy Now!: Police Brutality).

What are its causes?

      The probability of a Racial and Ethnic Civil War in the United States first came into existence with the bringing of the first black slaves into the country out of Africa in the 18th Century (Wikipedia: Slavery in the United States). Its certainty was evident in the Civil Rights struggle by blacks in the 1960s and 1970s (Wikipedia: African-American Civil Rights Movement (1954-68)) and the rise of "Black Power" movements (Wikipedia: Black Power), and solidified more recently by the political and social struggles between whites and other minorities (Latinos, Asians) in the country (IS A RACE WAR IN AMERICA'S FUTURE?).

      Its more recent better than probable occurrence has been made possible by the recent political situation created by the white social animosity toward minorities in the Republican and "Tea Party" groups, and their recent ascendancy to power and influence among greater number of whites in the country (See Republicans are Racists: And they're not shy about it, New York Times: Nevada Lawmaker, Ira Hansen, Is Forced From Leadership Post Over Remarks on Minorities, The National Memo: So Tell Me Again How The Tea Party Wasn't Racially Motivated, Newsweek: If We Are Truly No Longer Racist, Why the Ban on Immigration?).

      The South lost the original Civil War (Wikipedia: American Civil War) but racist white southern politicians and activists have since that time subliminally influenced the racial outlook of the whole white population of the country (Americas Reconstruction: People and Politics After the Civil War, The New York Times: When Will the North Face Its Racism?), a situation given impetus and prominence by the Republican Party's "Southern Strategy" in the 1960s (Wikipedia: Southern strategy) which gave great respectability to covert racists views in the majority of the white population of America (Wikipedia: Covert racism). This situation has given legal and judicial respectability to racism in the country, something which is still prevalent and actually getting worse (Brampton Guardian: Racism is prevalent, persisting and perpetually growing, experts warn).

"Today, however, we see racism in rare form.
The shootings of black people by white officers with no accountability,
the massacre of the nine innocent people in Charleston, South Carolina,
and the burnings of black churches gives the actions
of racism front and center stage once again."
(From: Jeremiah Wright's Words Hauntingly Relevant Today)

      A recent "Rasmussen Reports" poll in August 2013 found that 90% of the people polled felt that race relations have deteriorated since Barack Obama became the first African-American president (American Thinker: Is Opposition to Obama Racist?), as do more recent reports (Poll Finds Most in U.S. Hold Dim View of Race Relations):

"Seven years ago, in the gauzy afterglow of a stirring election night in Chicago,
commentators dared ask whether the United States had finally begun to heal its divisions
over race and atone for the original sin of slavery by electing its first black president.
It has not. Not even close."
(From: Poll Finds Most in U.S. Hold Dim View of Race Relations)

      As white policemen all over the country are firing the first shots (Democracy Now!: Police Brutality), it is no longer a subject of fiction, that soon there will be a better than probable "Racial" and "Ethnic" Civil War in the United States of America within the next 20 years (RT Question More: New American Civil War coming in 2016?).

      Such a war will most likely involve the majority of African-Americans, Latinos, Oriental-Americans, Native-Americans, and a significant number of white American supporters on one side, and the shrinking population of openly racist white Americans on the other side.

      In my estimation, the root causes of such a war are, one, the political and cultural rise of THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT in the country (By the way, About Christian Politics . . .), and second, the intuitive knowledge in American whites of THE IMPENDING EXTINCTION OF THE WHITE "RACE" worldwide and in America (By the way, About the Extinction of the White "Race" . . .), and their irrational reaction in blaming the greater increase in numbers of darker-skinned members in American society for their differential existential anomaly. Evidence of these are this year's apocalyptic increase in the number of White Supremacist Militia groups in the country (Wikipedia: White Supremacy) and in their violence against darker-skinned Americans, and the increased brutality on the part of white policemen nationwide toward darker-skinned minorities (Democracy Now!: Police Brutality).


      The "Christian Right" is a politically motivated movement in the United States, which involve mainly right-wing Christians, organized as a political force, advocating conservative social values (anti-feminism, anti-abortion, anti-pornography, anti-gay rights, anti-minorities, anti-legal and illegal immigrants, etc.), and which seeks aggressively to gain political positions of power and influence as to impose their values and ideas on these issues over the whole nation.

      In its most extreme expression, this movement openly advocates the use of force to gain those powers . . .

      Up until recently most American Christian religions could be classified as "Progressive" but their more recent retrogressive manifestations have taken them to accept many more Extremely Primitive beliefs in Judaism and the worship of Israel and Jews as the living "God," maintaining that Jews in Israel altogether ARE GOD on this earth, setting aside any worship of God and of His Son, Jesus the Christ, and worshiping the Nation of Israel instead, replacing the cross of Jesus the Christ in their churches with the flag of Israel (The Jerusalem Post: Christian News: Evangelical Zionism rising, amidst anti-Semitism and threats to Israel, says Christian leader). Some other American Christian sects also acquired a new "magical" god who can "create something out of nothing," can directly interfere in the affairs of individuals and collective groups of humans, in answer to prayers, or worse, by his arbitrary wishes, in the manner of the Greek and Romans gods. Their most horrific belief is that their Christian "Jesus" will return to Earth in vengeance to massacre two-thirds of Mankind who have not accepted him and become "Christians." Their god performs "miracles," and physical apparitions as a person or as cartoon-like silhouettes on frying pans. They believe that their god uses hurricanes and earthquakes to punish deviations from particular Christian sects and values, although these natural events occur in Mars, Jupiter, and other planets which have no human beings to punish.

      The History of American Organized Religions has, during the past 200-years, been punctuated by the shameful taking of the land by violent means and force from its Native-American owners, by their massacre and forcible removal, confining them to completely arid "Reservations" where they still languish . . . They OPPOSED the granting of Civil and Human Rights in the original Constitution of their nation, causing the Original 13 Colonies to reject the first Constitution offered, necessitating their inclusion as "Amendments" to the Constitution by more Progressive minds, in order for it to be re-offered and ratified (approved) by the people of the original 13 colonies!!! (About News: The Original Bill of Rights Had 12 Amendments) . . . They OPPOSED the end of slavery, including by the use of force and a Civil War, using the Bible and Jesus the Christ's own words as their justification . . . They INSTITUTED the repression of the freed slaves, by the use of terror by the KKK (Wikipedia: Ku Klux Klan) hatched in their own churches, and by the legal institution of inhumane "Jim Crow" segregationist laws (Wikipedia: Jim Crow laws), again using the Bible as their justification . . . Initially, they OPPOSED the granting of voting rights, and of basic human and civil rights to women, which their original Constitution considered half-human, and today deny them Equal Earning Rights with men, and control over their bodies (abortion), and women are still considered ONLY 3/4 of a human being, still using the Bible as their justification . . . Even after the Civil War, they violently OPPOSED granting the voting and civil rights to African-Americans and other minorities (Latinos and Orientals) . . . More recently, they OPPOSE the granting the right of Civil Matrimony (not Religious) to Gay and Lesbian couples who have been cohabiting for decades, accepting and tolerating their sexual practices in such cohabitations, just wanting, in a mean-spirited way, to deny them the legalization of their long-term unions . . . They also OPPOSE the granting such Gay and Lesbian couples their legal right to adopt children, while allowing their serving as Foster Parents . . . They OPPOSE the establishment of the widespread provision of condoms to sexually active under-age children, condemning such sexually active children to parenthood before they are ready . . . They OPPOSE the provision of clean needles to Heroin addicts as a means to stem the AIDS epidemic in their ranks . . . They currently OPPOSE the "Affordable Care Act" (ACA) which seeks to allow 40 million Americans who cannot afford to have medical care because of its high cost . . . They SUPPORT the brutal, tyrannical, and satanic treatment of Palestinians by Israel, under their misguided interpretation of Bible prophecy that Jesus the Christ will ONLY return to a reconstituted nation of Israel, or otherwise He won't come back!!! (By the way, About Israel . . .) They SUPPORT and ABET the Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the so-called War on Terror, with its consequent massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims in their own land . . . and by all these means debase their religion in this country and in the world at large . . .

      But it is the contradictions in their justifications which betray their misguidedness:

      While condemning the Catholic Church as the "Great Whore" of the Book of Revelation, they accept and defend that church's work in choosing and putting together their Bible books!!! While condemning the supposed "sins" they see in others in their society (feminism, abortion, homosexuality, etc.), and wanting the power to punish them for it, and to rule over them because of their sins, they READILY and VERY FAST forgive those same sins committed by their leaders within their own ranks!!! While condemning those same sins in others, and wanting the political power to rule over them, they are constantly shown by Social Scientists to be committing the very same sins themselves!!! While maintaining a "zero tolerance," they readily reach political compromises with the very organized groups of sinners they oppose as they see themselves close to achieving their political aims!!! While maintaining to be the "Body of Christ," and the very symbol of the Love which God was declared to be by Jesus the Christ, they will readily resort to violence and murder in attempting to reach their aims!!! While professing to be "loving" and "compassionate," as commanded by Jesus the Christ, they spout venom, hatred, racism, and violence (as exemplified by Sarah Palin) out of their mouths ("for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh" Mat 12:34)!!! While professing to be for "law and order" they repeatedly engage in intimidation, threats, violence, murder, mayhem, anarchy (The New York Times: When Americans Lynched Mexicans), and lately the very same tactics (suicide bombings) they condemn in Muslim terrorists!!! (BBC News: us and Canada: 'Anti-government' gun attack in Texas, 2014). While wanting TO BE THE GOVERNMENT OF THEIR COUNTRY, they now openly advocate the violent overthrow of that government (forgetting that if THAT becomes the rule, any other group would later depose them using the same tactics!!!) . . .


      Believing that the world and this country are near the "END OF DAYS" (By the way, About the "End of Days" . . .), they irrationally have turned their animosity toward ALL darker-skinned minorities in our nation as a way to stop the progressive pace our country is achieving in all of these areas. White policemen all over the nation have been particularly affected by their views, which are in effect extentions of the Southern "Old Time Religion" of the South and "Bible Belt" of the nation, and this has affected their treatment of darker-skinned minorities all over the nation (Democracy Now!: Police Brutality).


      Everyone now is aware that something has been happening to the lighter-skinned members of the Great White "Race" on the planet Earth (YouTube: White people are becoming extinct, Bad Eagle: The Hated White Race). The anomaly affecting them has been at work since the early 1950s, and most serious population analysts conclude that the main issue is the marked decrease in the reproduction of the lighter-skinned members of the White "Race," in Russia, Europe, Britain, the Americas (North, Central, and South America), and Australia.

      Last year (2014) marks the first year where deaths were greater than births for white Americans, and this trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future (RT: First time in history: White deaths outnumber births in US). Also, there are more minority babies being born than white babies for the first time in U.S. history:

"Among children, the point when minorities become the majority
is expected to arrive much sooner, by 2018 or so. Last year (2014),
racial and ethnic minorities became a majority among babies
under age 1 for the first time in U.S. history."
(TheBlaze: Census: Whites Will Be a Minority in U.S. by Year 2043)

      As observed from the studies in the Southern region of Argentina, where the effects of the increase in Ultraviolet light (UV-Light) due to the Ozone Hole in Antarctica because of the destruction of the Ozone Layer are most pronounced in white sheeps and goats raised there, the increase in UV-Light from our sun results in marked increases in cases of Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma (both relatively benign forms of skin cancers), and of Melanoma (a highly malignant cancer of the moles of the skin, see Wikipedia: Ozone Depletion), the most malignant of all cancers, capable of, at its most extreme, killing a human being affected in a mere 4-months from its inception. Last year (2014), the United States Surgeon General cited an alarming 200% jump in the percentage of cases of deadly melanoma in this country since 1973 (Generation of tanners see spike in deadly melanoma).

      But the MOST devastating and painful effects will finally occur as the UV-Light reaches its near complete access (100%) to the surface of the Earth and to the skin surface of Whites, and destroys the smaller circulating proteins in their blood (e.g. Insulin, among many); It will render them ALL diabetic, and it will break those and other small proteins (PubMed: Peptide Bond and UV-Light, PlosOne: UV-Light Exposed Prion Protein) into very small segments capable of penetrating the Blood-Brain Barrier, the anatomical barrier that normally separates the Brain from the Blood (see Wikipedia: Blood-brain barrier), reaching their brains and rendering them totally insane (i.e., psychotic) in just a matter of minutes during that one fateful day or morning when the highest levels of UV-Light reaching the Earth's surface occur as a result of the total destruction of the Ozone Layer in the year 2080.

      Death will come to them, after a few hours, when those smaller protein segments increase to a quantity sufficient to paralyze the brain centers controlling their respiration and cardiac functions, bringing about their sudden death.

      In one day, nearly one billion lighter-skinned Whites all over the planet Earth will suddenly fall dead . . .

      There is credible evidence that these effects are progressively already occurring in America, with yearly, ever increasing cases of Depression, Bipolarity (Manic-Depressive Disorder), Schizophrenia, and Psychosis in adult American Whites, and of earlier appearing Alzheimers Pre-senile Dementia among the aging White American population, and in the alarming yearly increases in Mental Retardation, Autism (originally 1/500 in the 1990s to currently in 1/50 children being born today (See: Why Did Autism Surge 30%?, and As many as one in 68 U.S. kids may have autism: CDC), and in the yearly increases in ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in White American children; All of these resulting in very severe impairments in the functioning of their Brains Judgment Center in a large portion of lighter-skinned Whites in America.

      Evidence of these can demonstrably be seen in the current irrational decisions seen in adult White politicians in America (e.g. Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, John McCain, Ted Cruz, John Boehner, and other Right-Wing Republican and "Tea Party" politicians and party members), and in other public (Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio) and entertainment figures (Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, Justin Beiber), and in the racism and animosity toward darker skinned peoples (e.g., anti-Black, anti-Latino, and anti-legal and illegal Immigrant Laws in Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin, and other states (Time: Politics: Immigration: 17 States Are Suing President Obama Over Immigration Actions), and in the racism and animosity shown the nation's first Black President, Barack Obama (American Thinker: Is Opposition to Obama Racist?), all of which demonstrate that an acute psychosis is already settling in the general adult White population of America.

      As already established scientifically, biologically there is no such thing as a "race" (Race_(human_classification).

      "Race" is a purely non-scientific social, cultural, and political designation or concept, in ONLY Western cultures, that is in Europe, North, Central, and South America, and Australia (Vox: 11 ways race is not real). For the most part, historically it has been based on the differences (variations) in skin color between members of the biologically indivisible species Homo sapiens (Race_(human_classification). To choose color of skin as the basis for unscientifically, socially, and culturally divide and separate people of the single Human Species as of a different "race" or "breed" is as silly, ignorant, and stupid as choosing hair color, heigth, weight, or size of feet to so divide them. The British did this, by culturally dividing people based on their "English Accent" (Cockney, The Irish Post: More than a Quarter Say they've been Discriminated Against Because of their Accent), and during the British occupation of India, the British forced the Hindu religion in India to culturally, religiously, and politically separate people as "Untouchables" based on their anti-British tribal membership (Caste system in India).

      Historically, who is "white" and who is not in America has LEGALLY VARIED, with Germans, Greeks, Irish, Italians, and Spaniards not considered to be legally "white," for a considerable amount of time (Newsweek: If We Are Truly No Longer Racist, Why the Ban on Immigration?):

"Throughout American history,
many groups considered white today (e.g., Germans, Irish)
were viewed as non-white." (Salon: 5 reasons 'white pride' is always racist)

"Germans, Greeks, Irish, Italians, and Spaniards,
have all, either legally or as matter of public opinion
been excluded from the "white" category at some point.
(From: Vox: 11 ways race is not real)

What impact will it have on the country and on the world?

      The impending Racial and Ethnic Civil War in the United States will most likely occur as the number of openly racist white Americans are in rapid demographic decline within the next 20 years, and as a result they will lose such a war. The Federal government will be impotent to stop it, as the war will also include large segments of its Armed and Law Enforcing forces taking the opposite sides in the war. The result will be total anarchy as several states and regions secede from the Union. It is the earnest hope of this author that the winning side will bring order anew, and a new, tolerant Nation results.

      The impact of such a war on the rest of the world will be expected to be a dismay and frustration with the loss of the presently only existing world power, which was essential to maintaining a semblance of order in the world. Racial strife against whites in other regions of the world is to be expected, and as American armed forces will be paralyzed by engaging in armed conflict within themselves, a general world destablization is to be expected. Recent historical evidence and proof of this was had in the racial strife in United States ships and battlefields during the Vietnam War (See Book Reviews: Project Muse: Black Sailor, White Navy: Racial Unrest in the Fleet during the Vietnam War Era, and War within war):

"During the second half of the Vietnam War,
the Navy witnessed some of the worst incidents
of racial strife ever experienced by the American military.
Sherwood introduces us to fierce encounters on American warships
and bases, ranging from sit-down strikes to major race riots."
(From: Project Muse: Black Sailor, White Navy:
Racial Unrest in the Fleet during the Vietnam War Era

"The Vietnam war saw countless numbers of America's young men
- both black and white - thrown into combat.
They were there to fight the Vietcong but,
as tension grew in their ranks, they turned on each other.
James Maycock reports on how racism, prejudice -
and Black Power - were transposed to the battlefield."
(From: War within war)

      The very recent testimony of Michael Brown's parents (the unarmed teenager killed by a white policeman in Ferguson, Missouri) at the United Nations Committee on Human Torture in Geneva, brings the world's attention to these issues (KSDK: Mike Brown's parents testify at UN, How the rest of the world reacted to the Ferguson verdict).

      The more recent killing of nine people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, by a lifelong white supremacist (Dylann Roof's racist manifesto: 'I have no choice', Charleston suspect Dylann Roof's alleged manifesto discovered online, Charleston shooting suspect 'confesses'), and has given rise to Black activists fears of a 'race war' as a result of these killings (Black activists fear 'race war' amid Charleston shooting).

Food for thought

"He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say,
It will be fair weather: for the sky is red.

And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day:
for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern
the face of the sky; but

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